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Innovative Engineering Solutions

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Experience in Action

We are TOK, a multidisciplinary engineering firm committed to a belief that excellence is custom-made, and that custom-made is something inherently personal. The approach is simple: learn what makes our clients tick, listen hard, ask questions, and get to the core of the desired aim. Each and every job poses a unique set of risks and rewards, constraints and trade-offs, nuances and context. Our forte is finding the best path forward within the bounds of project-specific design criteria. 

Working in this collaborative fashion with an array of different clients, our engineers draw on their backgrounds in mechanical, structural, civil, geotechnical and forensic science. Most often our engagement takes the form of new design development, design modification and optimization, troubleshooting, as well as failure analyses. And we're built to deliver these services on short notice, and so when time is of the essence, you'll be glad to know that TOK specializes in fast turnarounds.  

Here at TOK, we believe that strong relationships are just as important to successful outcomes as technical expertise. We're in this for the long haul, building lasting relationships by designing things that last.

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Driven to Achieve

Companies are defined by more than their services; they're defined by what they stand for, what they believe and what they prioritize. 

It's our believe that continuous evolution—in our work and in ourselves—represents the highest calling. TOK is defined by our entrepreneurial spirit and a relentless pursuit of not only what’s next, but also what’s best. Bringing imagination and determination to every challenge, we leave no angle unexplored. And as a result, TOK delivers the sort of excellence that propels projects, people and professionalism to the highest level.  

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