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What our customers are saying


"your company have been an important part of our business for many years. You and your staff at TOK have provided very valuable expertise that has enhanced our business and has allowed us to take our services to the next level. Your technical skills and knowledge are never in question but my favourite part of your services would fall into the two general thoughts of both responsiveness and agility. Your responsiveness to me and MFW is evident in the promptness of your replies, the efficiency of your deliverables on projects, and perhaps most importantly, the amount of time you make for us, with or without a purchase order. Agility is also not to be underrated. The ease with which we can communicate with you via phone, email, at our office, or at a site, (often all or most required for projects) is a considerable factor in making TOK my first and only call. This also helps with the ability for you to take on a project from “cradle to grave” and help us turn a concept into a safe fabricated product.  Your quotations and prices are always suitable to the project at hand and make selling your services into ours easy to do."

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"Our experience working with TOK Engineering has always been a positive one. Their common sense approach to Engineering and their understanding of our customers' requirements has proven to be invaluable. We highly recommend Martin and his team at TOK for any Engineering needs."

Doug Cromie, Plant Manager Oxford Machine & Welding Ltd​​

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"TOK Engineering has been an invaluable resource for Converge Condo Management. Martin takes a keen interest in any project we discuss with him and is always able to recommend an associated engineer with expertise in every area we present to him. We have found the TOK rates to be reasonable and commitments are met on time and within budget."

BRUCE FISHER , Partner  Converge Condo Management

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"We have dealt with TOK since day 1. I was very happy with both the service and final cost of the work they did for us. Definitely more work to come in the future."

Ken Watkins


ABA Machine & Manufacturing Ltd.

ABA Machine & Manufacturing Ltd.

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FOCHAUS Management Inc

"In managing condominium properties, FOCHAUS Management strives to partner with companies and service providers who care about the clients and the work that they do. TOK Engineering offers extensive review and quality presentation of the findings to inform and recommend to our Boards. TOK also offers a fair and reasonable price for their services ."

Corina MacKinnon

Condominium Manager & President

FOCHAUS Management Inc

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